Tuna Under Threat in SE Asia Ecosystem

October 23, 2008 / No Comments

Some key tuna species, are under threat from overfishing in SE Asia’s diverse Coral Triange region. The World Wildlife Fund is calling for a drastic rethink to stave off collapse. Indeed, we’d better save the coral, feeding the people be dam ….! The bluefin and bigeye tuna are overfished says the WWF.

local fisherman carrying fished tuna Tuna Under Threat in SE Asia Ecosystem

The Coral Triangle is bounded by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and East Timor containing migratory routes for up to 89% of the world’s tuna catch.

Last week, Spain and Japan decided to close down bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean meaning they will be heading for the Coral Triangle thinks the WWF. “Representatives from the six Coral Triangle nations, fishing companies and WWF are meeting in the Indonesian capital until Thursday to discuss ways of curbing overfishing in the area.”

The bluefin tuna is prized for sushi and sashimi. Yum! Either we don’t have enough food or we have too many people. What’s a triangle to do? – via Sina