Beauty and the Beast – Water Dancing

October 26, 2008 / No Comments

I thought cats were afraid of the water. I thought big cats were big afraid of the water. Apparently not. A one-year old tiger jumped in with a female trainer to do a water dance in South Carolina. Yeah! If she called me into the water to dance, I’d go, too.

tiger swimming 2 Beauty and the Beast   Water Dancing

Wouldn’t it be cool if animals and people could ‘dance’ together in all areas of life? And not just in the pool? Well, it’d be great to get along with all God’s critters except for snakes wanting to give me a massage. I’ll pass on that. Write to GP and let us know how you think animals and people can get along better. Any ideas?

tiger swimming 1 Beauty and the Beast   Water Dancing

Images source DailyMail – Copyright Barry Bland / Barcroft Media