Hope in the Midst of Global Warming

October 27, 2008 / No Comments

After the incredible commercial on global warming with animals that “give up”, I think it’s refreshing to take a look at some babies … cubs, kitties, little fellows. There’s something about the hope in the eyes of a newborn, human, animal or otherwise that gives us reason to think that everything can still be okay IF we change our ways.

persian leopard cub Hope in the Midst of Global Warming

Two Persian leopard twin cubs made their debut at the Budapest Zoo, last week. One of the little fellows came out shouting: “I want a world to grow up in! Please stop destroying our world. We live here, too!”. Or some other sentiments to that affect.

Seriously, is there anything else that can make us feel better about the world than something as precious as these youngsters? If so, please put a link here in the comments to tell us about it. – via Sina

persian leopard twin cubs 1 Hope in the Midst of Global Warming