LED Light Bulbs That Will Last 30 Years

October 27, 2008 / 4 Comments

If you are in search of an energy efficient but smart looking replacement for your CFL light bulbs, then you can end your hunt here. Frog Design has come out with an innovative LED bulb which is shaped like the conventional bulb instead of a LED, and what is more interesting is that it lasts for a good thirty years.

led light bulb lasts 30 years LED Light Bulbs That Will Last 30 Years

This high-powered LED uses less power and has a brighter light quality as compared to the CFL and since it is in the ordinary bulb shape it can easily be fit into any light socket.

The heat released by the bulb is absorbed by its aluminum base thereby giving it the long life that it promises to have. Whether the Frog Design’s LED will live up to its expectations is yet for us to see. – via CleanTechnica

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  • Rudy

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  • james

    We got some similar design like this.
    A traditional-like LED Bulbs with 360 beam angle,and the heat sink is quite well

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