When Animals Wear Out Their Welcome : Snake Massage

October 27, 2008 / No Comments

We like animals here at GP. I think I have written those words dozens of times if not more. But, there’s a line over which I do NOT want the animals to cross. At least not into my world. You can have them, take them away and enjoy them to your heart’s content. Just keep them away from me.

snake massage When Animals Wear Out Their Welcome : Snake Massage

Who doesn’t like a massage? Except when it is given by snakes. That’s right! Snakes!

For $70 you can get a massage by large and small reptiles. It’s called, very uncreatively, snake massage. The large fellows give deep tissue massage while the little ones are ideal for delicate areas … like the face. Not other delicate areas, I hope.

To be honest you could not pay me $70 to get one of these massages. Wouldn’t do it for $700 either. It’s supposed to cure aching muscles and joints. But, the tension in the shoulders will kill me. Isn’t there some place these over-sized worms need to be?

Snakes!!?? Check out the video below.