4 Japanese Companies Race to Boost Solar Cell Materials

October 28, 2008 / 1 Comment

The world’s economy may be taking a hit, but solar-cell-related business is still on the up and Japanese companies know this well. Four such companies are increasing the output of their contribution to the solar-cell industry.

solar cells on top of roof 4 Japanese Companies Race to Boost Solar Cell Materials

Mitsui Chemicals produces a sealant film to prevent solar cells from cracking. The firm will raise its annual production of the film from 9,000 tons to 20,000 tons.

Bridgestone, which together with Mitsui Chemicals, owns 30% of the global market for the film will triple its output capacity at one of its plants.

Toray Industries “will increase output of PET plastic film used in solar panel backsheets that prevent electronics components from weathering.” Toray has a majority of the global share. The company will raise its monthly output from 400 tons to 1,000 tons.

Teijin will invest ¥500 million to double production capacity of the PET plastic film to 600 tons a month.

Good business, bad business, these Japanese companies know where to make money and make the world a better place. We salute them all!

Source: Nikkei (sub needed) and Image copyright reiner.kraft