Fuel-saving Cars – Key to Competitiveness, says Honda

October 28, 2008 / 1 Comment

honda scooter Fuel saving Cars   Key to Competitiveness, says HondaHonda knows that fuel-saving cars and low inventory are the keys to staying competitive.

The company also knows that saving fuel is saving our environment and producing cars on demand doesn’t tax other global resources as well.

Honda’s President was interviewed – excerpts:

“Compact cars like the Jazz (known as the Fit in Japan) remain stable in the region, but we are having a hard time selling larger vehicles.” Duh?!

“…the rise in crude oil prices will have long-term implications for us. Accordingly, what we should do now is develop more inexpensive, fuel-efficient vehicles.” Why wait till the economy is a mess?

“It is equally important to improve the lineup of energy-saving vehicles. We will go into an offensive mode highlighting hybrid vehicles.”

Honda knows that making cars friendlier to our environment and less taxing on our resources is a long term solution. America’s Big Three! Are you reading?

Image courtesy of Clint M Chilcott