Purple Cancer-Fighting Tomatoes

October 28, 2008 / No Comments

You say potato, I say poh-tah-toe. You say tomato, I say purple cancer-fighting tomatoes. Seriously, I can’t imagine how people can have the gall to think they can improve on the Creator’s original product, but British researchers have announced that they have a genetically engineered tomato that is part pizza topping and part berry.

purple super tomato fight against cancer Purple Cancer Fighting Tomatoes

What’s more, the finished product has helped prevent cancer in mice and the finding was published in the journal Nature Biotechnology. The researchers learned that cancer-proned (they get that way from eating genetically altered food) lived significantly longer than animals who didn’t eat the purple tomatoes.

super tomato that fights cancer Purple Cancer Fighting Tomatoes

The mice were genetically altered to develop cancer and die within 142 days. Given the tomato, they lived 182 days. Um, how about we don’t give the mice anything that will cause them to get cancer and see how much longer they live, huh?

“The next step will be to take the pre-clinical data forward to human studies with volunteers to see if we can promote health through dietary preventive medicine strategies” said research leader Prof Cathie Martin from the John Innes Centre in Norwich.

The main finding – people can significantly improve their health by making simple changes to the daily diet. Gosh, eat right and exercise and you will live longer. – via DailyMail