Longest Bird Flight : Bar-tailed Godwit Flew Without Stop for 6,230 miles in 8 days

October 29, 2008 / No Comments

A female bar-tailed godwit, a wading bird called E7, has set a new record of having flown 6,230 miles for eight days across the Pacific Ocean to reach her winter home in New Zealand.

record breaker a bar tailed godwit Longest Bird Flight : Bar tailed Godwit Flew Without Stop for 6,230 miles in 8 days

Much to the astonishment of the monitoring research team, the bird flew continuously without stopping for food, water or rest, making it the longest bird flight we’ve been monitoring, beating the previous record of 4,038 miles which had been set by a Far Eastern curlew.

The other eight godwits that got tagged with tiny satellite transmitters, were reported to have flown what the research team referred to as “extreme endurance flights” between 4,355 and 7,258miles depending on the chosen route. Just like the E7 godwit, they did not feed on their journey.

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All images courtesy of jvverde