Green Example – The Cley Marsh Center in England

October 31, 2008 / No Comments

Ever heard the legendary Bruce Lee talk about how the perfect weapon is “an extension of the fighter’s mind and body”? Well, in the exact same fashion, the perfect green structure must be an extension of the planet. It must be one with the ecosystem, around it rather than stick out like a sore spot. That is precisely what The Cley Marsh Center in England accomplishes with both its ergonomic and visual structure blending it seamlessly into its surroundings.


Designed by LSI Architects, Cley Marsh is a nesting place for many birds and a delight for all bird livers in the UK. Now the nature admirers have a green retreat in the form of the Center that received Emirates Glass LEAF Awards for its superb green design. The wind energy, solar power and underground heating systems make the building stay completely off the grid, which helps reduce the carbon emissions by 80% compared to traditional structures of the same size.


Another great addition is the water harvesting system and the green roof covered by moss that gives the building a pleasurable green look. Really gets your attention at the first glance, doesn’t it? Check out a pictures gallery after the break. – via Inhabitat