Sydney Beaches to be Eroded by Rising Sea Levels

November 6, 2008 / 2 Comments

If the rising sea levels continue to be at the present rate or higher, then by 2050 the much loved coastline of Sydney could all be but gone. Scientists say that with the rate of global warming and the rise in sea level associated with it, the sea levels in Sydney are expected to rise with a minimum of 40 cm by 2050, and with 90cm by 2100 (compared to the levels in 1990), where each centimeter is assumed to erode one meter of beach.

collaroy beach in sydney australia Sydney Beaches to be Eroded by Rising Sea Levels

Collaroy Beach

With growing effects of global warming, the low-lying beaches across the world are at a serious threat of going under the waves. If the beaches are made of soft sand, then the threat only becomes larger.

Low-lying Sydney beaches such as Collaroy and Narrabeen – which have already been severely eroded by storm seas, Dee Why and Curl Curl, are most at risk. While many residents of the Sydney coastline who own amazing beach-view properties are currently enjoying a pleasant stay, all this may turn in a true nightmare sooner or later.

collaroy rocks at low tide Sydney Beaches to be Eroded by Rising Sea Levels

Local communities in Sydney have put together an eco-conscious movement by which they intend to add sand to the beach artificially to ensure that the beaches are not eroded. The Sydney Coastal Councils Group, which represents 15 local authorities and some 1.3 million people, has been responsible for this “beach nourishment,” program.

While the face-lift measures might help on a temporary basis, this once again reiterates the threat of global warming at large.

Source: Reuters (Image courtesy of 1,2)