Delicious Vegan Cookies from Kookie Karma

November 10, 2008 / No Comments

vegan cookies kookie karma Delicious Vegan Cookies from Kookie KarmaThis is a real good treat to all those who have gone ‘all-vegetarian’ or wish to adopt a vegan lifestyle by filtering away everything that is both unnatural and is not a vegan product.

The Kookie Karma brand of cookies allows you to enjoy fresh cookies that are baked once each day and are free of everything both artificial and dairy.

They are all free of gluten, soy and dairy – including butter, eggs, flour, preservatives, baking soda, baking powder, sulfites, sugar, wheat and casein. And yes, if you were asking, you can make a cookie without all those stuff but it just won’t stay fresh for long.

The cookies offered by Kookie Karma come in 9 different flavors (cherry cashew, granola bar, banana bread, lemon fig and carob truffle for those who love raw natural flavors and that tinge or raw ecstasy) and are all made of completely natural ingredients, ideal for vegans. Then there are Holistic Chocolate Chip and the Holistic Choco for chocolate fanatics in most of us.

Both good for health and to avoid any allergies with pure natural ingredients, these are a great choice to make for you, your family and the planet as they dispense with the energy wastage involved with long storage and manufacture of artificial contents. – via GreenDaily