It’s Raining Rose Petals

November 10, 2008 / No Comments

To be sure, if it’s raining rose petals, there’s got to be a party going on, people getting married or falling love. But, no matter, the flowers aren’t going to be happy. There’s a hotel in Dalian, China that is doing its part to be as unfriendly to the prettier side of our environment by allowing its hotel to be showered with rose petals to celebrate its opening.

hotel rose petals Its Raining Rose Petals

What’s up with that? Is this the best way to use the prettiest of what the Creator has given us? I think not. However, I have a question. If flowers are grown for the specific purpose of later being used as decorations and if they would not have been grown otherwise is it okay to use those flowers for decorations? At what point is it better to not bring something into the world if its only purpose is going to be use or abuse? What do you think?

Got to admit, however, the rose petals sure do the trick when it comes to pretty, no?

Source: Sina