Stackable Sky Village High Rise in Copenhagen

November 10, 2008 / No Comments

Green architecture has really taken off in the last couple of years into a while new strata where you have buildings rotating, dancing, swiveling, walking and now looking like a game with blocks of Lego. Sky Village High Rise created by MVRDV and ADEPT architects is a wonderful and structurally simple creation that ushers green architecture in a whole new direction.

sky village high rise in copenhagen 1 Stackable Sky Village High Rise in Copenhagen

The building is built around a stable central core with blocks being stacked around the core in an organized manner. This green structure not only is space-conscious at its base but the design allows for future addition of blocks dubbed as pixels by the designers.

The Sky Rise incorporates many features that are sustainable and planet-friendly. This allows the building to be a model green edifice that boasts of features like greywater recycling, 40% recycled concrete in the foundation and other renewable energy sources to power the structure’s energy needs. The building’s slim base allows the builders to save space on ground and green rooftops add to its visual grandeur.

sky village high rise in copenhagen 2 Stackable Sky Village High Rise in Copenhagen

Retail space and restaurants take up the slim lower floors, offices are situated in the intermediary levels, and residential units are terraced towards the north to maximize space and also to keep the dwellers of these high-profile towers away from the frenzy. This also offers the best commercial model which saves on energy.

To be a part of Copenhagen skyline in near future, this is another eco-gem in Europe’s glittering ‘green crown’! – via Inhabitat