What’s a Leathernist?

November 10, 2008 / No Comments

I might have heard of a jeanist. But it’s definitely my first time to hear of a leathernist. Apparently, in Japan, they pick the female and male stars/models who are the most unfriendly to our leathered friends. Not only that, they award them with trophies to say thank you for the cows and horses that sacrificed their lives so they could make a fashion statement.

leathernist Whats a Leathernist?

Actor Shosuke Tanihara, 36, and actress-model Karina, 24

Where’s those PETA girls who take their clothes off at times like this?

And where are all those movie stars who walk around all cool in their faux-leather outfits, wanting to look like they killed an animal but not really having killed the animal?

What do you think of awards like this? – via JapanToday