Seville Builds Largest Solar Park in Europe

November 12, 2008 / 1 Comment

You can call this a celestial show on earth or probably the most eco-friendly display of dazzling light aimed at producing clean energy.

solucar solar park seville 1 Seville Builds Largest Solar Park in Europe

The Solucar solar park, near Seville, Spain, has been designed to produce 11 megawatts of electricity from the sun’s rays, collected by 624 giant movable mirrors. This is the first in a set of a solar power generation plants that will produce a whooping 300 megawatts of electricity by 2013, making it a project with potential that matches its visual spectacle and grandeur.

solucar solar park seville 2 Seville Builds Largest Solar Park in Europe

The project works by bringing together some very simple principles of physics. It uses giant mirrors to concentrate solar energy o to a tall tower. With Seville having bright and clear weather for over 320 days a year, the 624 moving mirrors would have enough sunlight to reflect.

Also, the tower uses water that is converted to steam which produces energy by the known method of rotating turbines. The giant solar light show in Seville is yet another demonstration of how the world is progressively discovering grand new ways to use renewable energy to the fullest.

Remember Renfe’s AVE S103? Spain is doing incredible progress to become sustainable.

Source: DailyMail