Real Men Proving Themselves the Wrong Way

November 17, 2008 / 20 Comments

What happens when a species is categorized under “least concern”, meaning there is no threat of being threatened? The answer is simple and you’ll likely get the idea by the time you finish reading.

The Faeroes are a group of islands in Northern Europe, between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, an autonomous province of Denmark since 1948. Every year, young boys trying to prove themselves as adults gather on the beaches for the Annual Dolphin Massacre. Apparently, the only way to let the world know about their “hairy chests” is by turning into merciless killers, luring the Risso’s Dolphin to the shores and …. you can see what happens.

rissos dolphin masacre in faeroes 1 Real Men Proving Themselves the Wrong Way

A playful animal that only feels curiosity towards human kind, the Risso’s Dolphin is the slaughtered victim from a bad movie that is being played each year in the Faeroes Islands. Why would you kill an animal that wants to play? Why? Can they sleep after seeing the sea of blood and so many slaughtered souls? Do they build up statistics and ranks to see who’s the best killer? Do they race for the first position? Are parents happy with their “kids”?

Who’s to blame? I know that GreenPacks readers are smart and they can come up with their own answers. For me, it’s pretty obvious that the human kind is not as advanced as many think, if these kind of actions happen these days.

Denmark! Shame on you! Faeroes! Shame on you!

Though I’m not a fan of petitions, here’s one that I’m supporting.

If you think you can take it (be warned – high cruelty), there’s an image gallery after the break.