Skycar Takes the Wheels to the Sky with Biofuel

November 17, 2008 / 1 Comment

Covering a distance of over 3700 miles in air, purely powered by biofuel is something that even the aviation industry would be proud of. But UK’s Skycar Team is trying to do that in a car with a giant fan, a powerful engine and a parachute.

silver parajet skycar 1 Skycar Takes the Wheels to the Sky with Biofuel

Skycar is probably the most exciting green vehicle that is waiting to make it out on to the streets sometime in the future and the fact that it is not just a concept, but the real deal is something that is far more alluring.

Skycar will aim to prove its potential with a flight of over 6000 Km from London to Timbuktu. They use a lightweight Para-Wing that is filled by a huge fan built into the back of the vehicle to achieve theoretical airspeeds of 100 mph and thanks to a light-weight chassis it seats two people and goes some 3000 feet high. The distance to be covered is a daunting and probably a fitting challenge to Skycar as a successful journey will prove its true worth.

silver parajet skycar 2 Skycar Takes the Wheels to the Sky with Biofuel

The car converts from flight mode to ground mode and vice-versa in just 3 minutes and can run completely on biofuel when needed (for ground, it can run on ethanol using a Yamaha R1 engine).

This is truly one eco-journey that we wish the very best as the success of Skycar could usher us into a clean new era where we just lift up from the traffic of rush hour and fly home ala Jetsons style! Check out the gallery after the break.

Source: Times Online via AutoBlogGreen