Climate Change in California Causes Heavy Losses

November 19, 2008 / No Comments

Without any fanfare it’s no longer global warming, well not as often anyway, but climate change. No matter. Real estate assets in California are said to be at risk to extreme weather events, sea level rise, wild fires and such, to the tune of $2.5 trillion.

california sunrise Climate Change in California Causes Heavy Losses

A group of researchers in UC Berkeley are the first to quantify the costs of the globe’s warming. The final number depends on whether the nation commits to slashing greenhouse gas emissions says the report. How the whole nation will affect California, the report doesn’t say, but mentions that “Our report makes clear the most expensive thing we can do about climate change is nothing.”

The group is now “busy planning a comprehensive ‘Climate Adaptation Strategy’ to commit the state to concrete prevention measures, according to the paper.” Six task forces will be formed, biodiversity and habitat, infrastructure, oceans and coastal resources, public health, water, forestry and agriculture, and each will have an adaptation strategy.

California’s goal is to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 15% from today’s levels. And, they want me to pay for it. My bet is when they find out what doesn’t work, these fellows will leave the state and let those of us who remain foot the bill. Save the Puffins!

Image courtesy of Kevin