Mind what you print: The planet pays a heavy price for paper

November 20, 2008 / No Comments

paper trash Mind what you print: The planet pays a heavy price for paperIt seems ironic and even startling to an extent when one gets to know that the paper industry across the world produces three times more carbon emissions than aviation industry.

It might be a touch unbelievable, but if you consider the fact that thousands of acres of trees are mowed down for paper and that subsequently only adds to carbon footprint, this is not all that surprising.

In the wake of UK formation of organizations such as Shrink which are asking people to reduce their paper consumption by 50% in UK and French supremo Sarkozy following the path, it only is fair that the entire planet takes up the cause as well.

Those who often calculate the carbon footprint left over by the paper industry, forget to add in the number of trees that have been chopped down for the wood. These reduced number of trees automatically means greater pollution.

According to a survey conducted by Xerox, 45% of all paper used by employees in firms reaches the dustbin. This, along with all the junk mail that we get further adds to wastage in paper. It is easy to look past something that we consider such an integral part of our life and waste it callously while it could still cause plenty of damage to the planet.

Using paper judiciously and reducing its wastage can easily help conserve more trees and also cut down on the whole carbon footprint. Many paper plantations are already highly contentious, especially in developing nations. By not printing stuff that we do not really need and by using recycled paper as often as we can, we can indeed help cut down on the staggering figures that are in front of us today.

Remember that every time you save a sheet of paper, you are adding something meaningful to the planet.

Source: The Guardian
Image courtesy of Deibu