Verdier’s Incredible Solar-Powered Eco-RV

November 20, 2008 / No Comments

Most of the RVs out there are arguably the worst things to happen to the planet in terms of both efficiency and carbon emissions.

verdiers incredible solar powered eco rv 1 Verdiers Incredible Solar Powered Eco RV

But unlike those, the Verdier Solar-Powered Eco-RV is quite a simple and stunning green carrier as it mixes design, solar energy and some sort of lavish luxury. Five models dubbed Woody, Geeky, Ebony, Blueberry, and Purity, are being powered by a 4-cylinder hybrid engine and have a 170 W solar system installed on the roof.

Verdier‘s solar RV allows you to change the direction of the panels on top of the carrier according to sun’s direction using a GPS system. Another interesting thing is the interior. Built to use the available space to the maximum, there are fold-out beds, rolled-up stairs, kitchen, recycling bins, a refrigerator/freezer combo and an on-board entertainment center with projector, surround sound and a roll down screen.

verdiers incredible solar powered eco rv 2 Verdiers Incredible Solar Powered Eco RV

There is also an on-board computer to make sure that you stay connected while on the road as you can use it for tasks ranging from navigation, to Internet browsing to music and entertainment. With a price of $129,000 the solar-powered eco-RV is really a great “bargain” (not for you) for the planet. – via Jetson Green