Solar powered submarine by BKW

November 25, 2008 / No Comments

Solar energy is making such giant strides forward that it would be no surprise if in the next decade or so we all completely convert to solar power. For now though, each day is proving to be a new adventure for those working with and following the power of the sun.

The new arena that is being touched by solar power is the field of submarines as Swiss company BKW is all set to build the world’s first solar powered submarine.

project goldfish Solar powered submarine by BKW

Spending most of the time underneath the water, it won’t sport solar panels itself, but the docking station will. It will feature 30kW solar panels that will fully recharge the submarine’s batteries while docked.  Dubbed Project Goldfish, the submarine will be capable of carrying 20-30 passengers and two crew members, at a depth of up to 300 meters across Lake Thun in the Swiss Alps.

When required, the solar platform will be automatically hooked up with the sub via GPS.  There’s also a zero-emission solar-powered shuttle that will  ferry passengers to and from the shore and the boarding platform, making it completely eco-friendly trip.

The project is expected to be operational by 2012. – via CleanTechnica