Jordan Signs Nuclear Protocol with China

November 26, 2008 / No Comments

Nuclear energy is not all that bad if you know how to tap into its vast potential in a proper fashion and if you can find the right way to dispose off the toxic waste. Even though it is not the ideal alternate energy source, it still is in a certain sense far better than fossil fuel.

mount nebo jordan Jordan Signs Nuclear Protocol with China

Jordan is one of the driest countries on the planet and is so woefully short on energy resources that the nation imports 95% of all its energy needs. The tiny Arab state is now looking in a new direction as it signed a deal with China which allows it to develop nuclear power using its vast Uranium reserves.

The country’s 1.2 billion tons of phosphate reserves are estimated to contain 130,000 tons of uranium and the government intends to start mining the radioactive ore to fuel its first nuclear plant that will go online by 2015. By 2030, Jordan wishes to produce 30% of its energy needs from nuclear power.

With rich Uranium deposits and right technical help from China (wonder how right that is), Jordan will also use the power for a desalination process that will bring the much needed drinking water. While this is indeed a positive step forward, one hopes that Jordan uses its nuclear know-how judiciously.

I wonder if they considered a solar plant in Jordan. That would be much cleaner!

Image courtesy of Christopher Chan