Pygmy Tarsiers Reappear Dramatically After 80 Years of Disappearance

December 3, 2008 / No Comments

These are the Pygmy Tarsiers and recently, scientists have found three of these alive in the Indonesian forests.

indonesia pygmy tarsier Pygmy Tarsiers Reappear Dramatically After 80 Years of Disappearance

So what is so special about them? Well, the last time someone saw one of these alive was apparently way back in 1921 and while that does not mean they are extinct, it has been hard to find a considerable population of these tiny cute (or scary, depending on your perception) creatures since many decades now.

The Tarsiers are primates, most closely related to lemurs, and are unusual because of their sharp claws and weight – just 2 ounces. Their big eyes and the light bodies allows them to jump at night from tree to tree in search of food.

These small creatures were believed to be driven towards extinction with large forest areas in Indonesia being cleared in the 1960’s and 70’s for industrial use, but apparently the tiny guys are hanging on, as scientists found them, at an altitude of over 6,900 feet on top of tree tops with misty air around them.

Scientists have tagged the three Pygmy Tarsiers they found and is hoped that more of these little guys are hanging on to dear life. We may not lose them after all and hopefully protecting the Indonesian rainforests will help them grow in number. – via TreeHugger