Plane Stupid Activists Taken Into Custody After Protest at Stansted Airport

December 9, 2008 / 1 Comment

57 activists belonging to an environment organization called Plane Stupid were taken into custody by the Police after they broke on to the Stansted Airport runway area and caused trouble in the restricted region.

The protests lead to dozens of planes being canceled as the air traffic was halted for over 5 hours at the airport causing inconvenience to thousands of passengers who were eager to catch up with their holiday flights. The protesters are opposed to the government’s decision to allow the expansion of Stansted with a second runway as it would cause further damage to the planet, but the authorities refute their claim by saying that the aviation industry had become more fuel efficient in the last few years.

The protesters may be right, but the way they took action in their own hands, wasn’t the best option.

Source: Guardian