Penguins in Santa Claus Outfits

December 12, 2008 / No Comments

Here at GP we love all of God’s creatures, except for maybe spiders and snakes and such (still want them safe though). We especially love animals that are cute. What we don’t like it when people make fools out of animals. I mean, c’mon. We make fools out of ourselves easy enough. Why do we need to make fools out of animals as well?

penguins dressed as santa claus Penguins in Santa Claus Outfits

Some people in Korea thought it would be cute to take the tuxedo off of penguins, or I guess more precisely put something on over the tuxedos they usually wear. Like Santa Claus outfits!

santa claus penguins Penguins in Santa Claus Outfits

What’s up with that? Everybody knows that penguins don’t have hands. How could they possibly hold the reins and drive the reindeers on Christmas eve? And isn’t this going to confuse little ones everywhere, except for maybe little baby penguins who have not been naughty and have been very nice?

What do you think of people using animals in this way for pleasure? Though they look cute, the whole thing seems to be a little out of line.

Source: Sina