Steve Chu to Lead Obama’s Energy Team: Hope For US Environmental Policies

December 14, 2008 / No Comments

Whether you are a political or an environmental analyst, the word you’ll likely use to describe Barrack Obama’s new environment team at the White House is green.

barack obama and steve chu Steve Chu to Lead Obamas Energy Team: Hope For US Environmental Policies

From a political point of view, the team led by Steve Chu – director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California and a Nobel laureate in Physics, doesn’t seem to have any experience and may, at times, fail in those crucial political negotiations that circle around environment issues. However, for those concerned about the planet, the team really is green as it seems to be made up of a team of people that have the planet’s best interests at heart.

Apart from Steve Chu, the team will consist of Lisa Jackson, who until recently headed the commission on environmental protection in New Jersey and is now all set to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Carol Browner, who will fill in the new position of White House Energy czar and Nancy Sutley, who will head the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Stacked with people who know a lot about the latest green energy technology, environment standards and what needs to be done to improve it during the next few years, unlike the past Bush administration, this team has worked long and campaigned hard for a cleaner planet.

With green jobs an important part of the agenda for the next government, expect stringent pollution control laws, a probable backing of emission standards that California has been asking for and a tight leash on polluting big boys who were let lose in the Bush regime.

Sounds like a good direction to be headed to.

Images by ktpupp and inAction