China’s Police Will Start Pedalling to Catch the Bad Guys

December 18, 2008 / No Comments

China’s police in Liaoning province (look it up – map of China) are fighting bad guys AND fighting global warming at the same time.

china police on bicycles 1 Chinas Police Will Start Pedalling to Catch the Bad Guys

Talk about dudes! Instead of patrolling the streets in gas guzzlers, the good guys will be found making the rounds on self propelled two wheelers … en masse, en force … on bicycles, that is.

So, is China going back to being the land of the bicycle? It’s not a bad idea considering how much of the world’s resources China is using up right now. Now, if we could just get the bad guys to ride bikes, too, we’d be in business.

Seriously, GP salutes China and her police if they are able to keep law and order and not use up any more of the world’s resources than absolutely necessary.

So, NYC, SFO, Paris! Are you guys reading this?

Image sources by SINA