Cars Make Us Fat: Active Transportation is the Way to Go

December 19, 2008 / No Comments

Have you changed your habits? Do you commute to work on a bicycle or doing an extra mile walking? Well, good for you. Apparently you’re not only helping the environment to reduce carbon emissions, but you’re also helping yourself to stay healthier.

dog walker Cars Make Us Fat: Active Transportation is the Way to Go

Researchers at the University of Tennessee and Rutgers University found a direct link between “active transportation” and obesity. As if there wasn’t enough evidence, the study showed that obesity levels in countries where people would rather walk or pedal (to be read Europe) instead of driving cars (to be read USA) are lower. And do we really have to ask why?

Oh and if you needed any stats, you should know that “Europeans walk an average of 237 miles each year and bike another 116, while Americans walk 87 miles and bike 24”. Also, only “12 percent of Americans use active transportation: 9 percent walk, 1 percent ride a bike and 2 percent take a bus or train; over 25% of Americans are obese.”

How about we find a way to help ourselves and the planet at the same time?

Source: Reuters

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