Toyota Car Interiors to Get Plant-based Resins

December 19, 2008 / No Comments

How cool is this?

Super eco-friendly Prius-maker, Toyota Motor Corp, has come up with a number of new plant-based resins that they can use to make automotive interior materials such as scuff plates, seat cushions, and so on. The new resins will be used in their new hybrid cars released in 2009.

Toyota aims to make 60% of the surface area in the interior of cars with parts made from these resins. Automotive interior parts are required to be higher in heat resistance and collision resistance than other resin products. Toyota also improved production technologies so mass productivity equivalent to those of petroleum-based resins can be achieved.

plant based resin Toyota Car Interiors to Get Plant based Resins

Toyota first adopted 100% plant-based plastic, Eco-Plastic, in 2003 for the spare tire cover and floor mat of the “Raum.”

Wow! A car you can grow in your back yard. Well, at least it’s a start.