The “Fellows” Who Will Shape Tomorrow – TogetherGreen

December 22, 2008 / No Comments

In October, Alex shared an initiative brought to you by Audubon in alliance with Toyota called TogetherGreen. If you remember, TogetherGreen’s main focus is to secure a bright and healthy future for generations to come … but it takes the inspiration and wisdom from dedicated leaders to accomplish such a goal.

together The Fellows Who Will Shape Tomorrow   TogetherGreen

TogetherGreen has been fortunate enough to have some of the most brilliant, community leaders on their side, with creative ideas and visions that will steer us even further in the right direction.

Today, you’re being introduced to the Fellows who are going to shape our tomorrow with their creative visions that will ensure a positive environmental change. Awarded by the new conservation alliance of the National Audubon Society and Toyota, Fellows were selected from scores of applicants across the country by an advisory board of environmental leaders.

Forty of the nation’s most promising conservationists will advance their environmental vision and conservation leadership skills as recipients of the first TogetherGreen Fellowships, receiving a $10,000 stipend and assistance in launching local projects to educate a wide range of communities about the environment. Fellows will engage communities in efforts to conserve land, water and energy.

One of the goals of TogetherGreen is to foster diverse leaders and serve communities who have not previously been engaged in conservation activities.

The first year of TogetherGreen Fellowship projects include mentoring youth in Los Angeles Latino neighborhoods; an urban forestry program for African Americans in Gainesville, Florida; and a conflict management workshop in conservation networks in Appalachia.

Other projects range from helping urban students save energy by installing solar panels in their school to mobilizing rural ranchers to protect water quality. Along the way, the TogetherGreen Fellows will develop new and expanded abilities to forge conservation progress in the future.

The efforts of the Fellows will aid people and wildlife around 39 cities in 24 different states. A list and short bio of each Fellow, including their projects, can be found by visiting:

It really is up to us to secure our environmental future, and we are so lucky to have these Fellows as our role models. I wholeheartedly encourage each and everyone one of you, learn more about these individuals and find out ways in which you can get involved in your state.

Has anyone already attended a TogetherGreen volunteer day? Let us know how it went.

– Julie Hurvitz