Donna Karan Goes Fur Free, But For How Long?

December 23, 2008 / No Comments

donna karan Donna Karan Goes Fur Free, But For How Long?First of all, do you know who “The Bunny Butcher” is?

Well, if you thought of Donna Karan, you’re right, because that’s how PETA used to call her.

I’m using past tense, because the famous fashion designer announced that the fall 2009 collection will be fur-free and that future lines will also be fur-free. Even though we’re not fans of what PETA does, it sure sounds like a good direction to be heading to.

We’re genuinely happy because it looks like a great victory for animals, but I’m really skeptical about keeping her hands off fur. Plus, what’s she going to do, use more synthetic fabrics made of petroleum-based fibers?

Meanwhile, congrats to Donna Karan. – via Ecorazzi

Image courtesy of david_shankbone