New Polar Bear, New Year, New Hope

January 5, 2009 / No Comments

Taotao is just ten months old. He has a sad story. His mama left him when he was a little guy, much like Knut in German, except that Taotao is in China.

Taotao’s keepers smeared polar bear urine and crap all over themselves so that Taotao would be fooled and let them help him. It worked. Taotao eventually sucked the fingers of his keepers, as opposed to other areas. He let them nurse him and he grew.

taotao New Polar Bear, New Year, New Hope

Taotao eventually grew from just several hundred grams to 35kg. Taotao now has his own private swimming pool and is growing. His favorite books are when keepers read global warming horror stories to him.

taotao1 New Polar Bear, New Year, New Hope

Keepers theorize that Taotao’s mother abandoned him because she was too young when he was born.

Taotao survived, however. Little guys who grow against the odds give us hope, no?