Fuel Cells from Human Waste, Cookie Dough

January 6, 2009 / No Comments

Two Japanese companies have come up with alternative ways to get hydrogen for fuel cells – one from dough and the other from human waste.

Kajima suggests microbes can created hydrogen from human waste. A prototype has alread been created that generated 130W from a cubic meter of waste. Commercially available by about 2020.

fuel cell human waste Fuel Cells from Human Waste, Cookie Dough

Not sure what she is holding there...

Sapporo Breweries, the beer maker, thinks microbes can decompose waste dough at bakery factories and generate hydrogen. hydrogen from excess cookie dough!? The brewery wants to sell its idea to food-processing plants some time next year. After that, to homes that could use their waste could follow. 25K liters of hydrogen from 125kg of waste.

I don’t know about you, but when I make cookies, I like to eat some of the dough. I hope somebody doesn’t get confused when making hydrogen from cookie dough and human waste and put their fingers in the wrong pile.