Hong Kong Smog, 20-percent Consider Moving

January 6, 2009 / No Comments

When people consider relocating simply because of the health threats air pollution brings up, there is something wrong with that city. We’re talking about large metropolis like Hong Kong where a study conducted by the think tank Civic Exchange revealed that 1 in 5 citizens – a total of 1.4 million – are considering fleeing the city, while 500,000 of these are “seriously considering or already planning to move”.

smog in hong kong Hong Kong Smog, 20 percent Consider Moving

Most of those aware of the air problem include highly affluent, top earners and educated professionals who care about their health – and Singapore (long rivalry) wants them. Though breathability is a highly important chapter for cities to compete for, Hong Kong agrees on the fact that air quality is a “matter of life and death” but there aren’t any real measures taken.

Would you move out if you were living in Hong Kong?

GreenDaily via Yahoo!
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