Pacific Areas Turned Protected Monuments by Bush

January 6, 2009 / No Comments

Though George W. Bush is not the best friend of those caring about the environment, he’s going to do the right thing days before stepping off. Some 200,000 square miles of the amazingly beautiful and biologically diverse areas in the Pacific, are going to be declared “marine national monuments” preventing oil drilling or other extraction procedures.

kiribati atoll pacific Pacific Areas Turned Protected Monuments by Bush

The protected area which includes a group of islands, atolls and some of the waters around the Northern Mariana Islands in the western Pacific, will save huge underwater mud volcanoes, coral reefs, and rare species of whales.

“This historic action by President Bush protects some of the world’s most unique and biologically significant ocean habitat. Together with the Hawaii marine monument established two years ago, this marks the end of an era in which humans have increasingly understood the need to conserve vanishing wild places on land but failed to comprehend the similar plight of our oceans. It comes none too soon,” Joshua Reichert, said the managing director for Pew Environment Group.

He did the right thing, isn’t it?

Source: Reuters
Image courtesy of luigig