Motorola Renew W233: World’s First Carbon Neutral Mobile Unveiled at CES

January 12, 2009 / 2 Comments

It seems that the sinking Motorola is not going down without a fight and if not in the mobile world, it sure is winning the battle in the ‘green domain’ with the unveiling of the world’s first carbon neutral mobile cell phone at CES this year.

motorola renew w233 Motorola Renew W233: Worlds First Carbon Neutral Mobile Unveiled at CES

Motorola Renew W233 is being dubbed as the world’s first carbon-free mobile and that is not just in regards to its production. The green mobile from Motorola is not just eco-friendly in regards to its making by using 100% recycled materials and recycled water bottles, but also extends the planet-friendly features in its operation and disposal.

Motorola has partnered with to offset the energy to manufacture, distribute, and operate the phone by investing in renewable energy sources and reforestation. This keeps your conscious clean every time you make a call from your cell, as you will now know that you are really not causing any damage to the planet. The W233 will use packaging that is minimal in pollution and once you are done with it, you can mail it back to Motorola in a specially designed envelope that comes with the purchase.

motorola renew w233 2 Motorola Renew W233: Worlds First Carbon Neutral Mobile Unveiled at CES
Motorola has gone in a completely different direction with the Renew W233 and the mobile’s green features along with simple and ergonomic looks make it an affordable delight.

This obviously is no high-end smartphone, so do not expect a whole lot of features, but for those who care for the planet, Renew W233 is a fine start; a blueprint that hopefully will be taken up by other mobile firms. [via Inhabitat]