Malaysia to Use Satellite Monitoring to Stop Illegal Logging

January 13, 2009 / 1 Comment

Illegally logged trees amount to one-third of all forest area that is cleared in Malaysia each year according to the World Wildlife Fund. An insanely large amount of lush green forest area is being simply destroyed.

forest cleared in malaysia Malaysia to Use Satellite Monitoring to Stop Illegal Logging

That is exactly the reason why the Malaysian government is doing all it can to ensure that illegal logging is stopped with immediate effect. Operation Eye in the Sky allows the government authorities of Malaysia to constantly monitor forest area using direct satellite images.

Darus Ahmad, deputy director-general with the Malaysian Remote Sensing Agency confirmed that the program has been in place since last October and for now it covers only the western peninsular part of Malaysia. The country has lost more than 13% of its forest area in the 90s alone and with the national economy heavily dependant on its timber industry, there’s an urgent economic and ecological need to protect its forests.

One can only hope that the program meant to save the planet’s rich forest resources won’t just stop at this, but extends to other regions of the world that are still home to lush green tropical forests. [via Physorg]

Image courtesy of thaths