High Energy Consumption Could Lead to a Ban on Plasma TVs in Brussels

January 14, 2009 / 1 Comment

Brussels is all set to ban energy-guzzling plasma TVs once the legislation gets passed in EU. The decision is going to be anything but popular with majority of Europe already having changed to plasma televisions – a popular option among the young and the old alike.

worlds largest plasma screen High Energy Consumption Could Lead to a Ban on Plasma TVs in Brussels

Plasma screens have been nicknamed the 4x4s of the living room by many, as they consume four times the power taken up by a traditional television set and produce four times the carbon dioxide while working. The EU is all in favor of implementing strict energy norms and that means many of these big flatscreen TVs will be no longer allowed to operate.

The LCDs obviously are less under threat as they consume far less power compared to the Plasma.

EU is taking every possible step to ensure that Europe does all it can to help reduce carbon emissions and set the reduction standards that nations have set for themselves. But one can wonder how effective this really is, when the remainder of the world goes on merrily adding more carbon dioxide each year!

Is plasma banning a good solution? Is it a small step towards a greener environment, or there’s more to it?

Source: DailyMail
Image courtesy of Ben Terret

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