Solar Powered Moof Bike, How?

January 15, 2009 / 2 Comments

On display at the CES this year and designed by Amsterdam-based designer Ties Carlier, the Moof bike is both fascinating and intriguing as it seems to have put us in a bit of a spin. This very Spartan-styled bike has clean and clear straight lines, looks very robust and is stylish enough to be taken out on the street.

solar powered moof bike 1 Solar Powered Moof Bike, How?

Rather than using LED lights that stick out on the outside, it incorporates two solar powered lamps within the bike itself and and makes it look more classic than contemporary. But our interest is on functions and less on form.

However, where is all that solar energy going to come from? That seems to be a more compelling question when you look at the remainder of the bike and actually find no solar cells.

solar powered moof bike 2 Solar Powered Moof Bike, How?

For a single-speed bike with leather on top of its handle bars and seat, this really does not look all that green. Considering that it will cost you $500, no matter how fashionable it looks we think the only green around is the cash you will shell out!

via Inhabitat