Potted Plants Nod to Lonely Japanese, Offer Encouragement

January 19, 2009 / No Comments

There’s a plant in Japan that will nod at its caretaker, offering encouragement and listening when nobody else will.

nodding plant Potted Plants Nod to Lonely Japanese, Offer EncouragementIt’s called the Pekoppa. As it sprouts from a pot, it flutters its two leaves and bends at its stem as if reacting to someone who is nearby and speaking to it.

How cool is that? There are some 50,000 of the species. The plant is a great communication tool for the young and old. No matter how much you grumble, feel unloved, want to eat worms, the plant is there. Yeah, we have heard that plants respond to affection and attention.

Now we know, eh?

Pekoppa means nodding leaf in Japanese. It is pronounced Pe like in pet, cop pah.

The plant can be purchased for about $26. A flower version is also available.

You see, Pekoppa is a toy, made by Sega Toy Co.

The toys have thin metal wires that respond and move flexibly like muscles when they sense sound.

Now, can Japan make them produce photosynthesis, too?