Smiling Lemon Shark Gets Photography Award

January 19, 2009 / No Comments

“Smile, I am going to eat you.”

This Lemon Shark was the subject in a photo that won the Oceans division of the international Nature’s Best Photography 2008 Windland Smith Rice Awards.

smiling lemon shark Smiling Lemon Shark Gets Photography Award

The photographer was Bruce Yates.

Of course, Bruce wasn’t around to collect the award for the photo because he became dinner for the shark. (Kidding). But, we don wonder why the shark is smiling so, don’t we?

Which leads me to ask, do animals have emotions?

This pic was taken on the surface at sunset and was selected from among 20,000 photos to be the winner.

The lemon shark is found mainly in the tropical parts of the Atlantic coasts of North and South America and in the Pacific Islands of Polynesia – French Polynesia – Tahiti, the Cook Islands, and Tonga. They can grow as long as 12 feet but are usually around 8-10 feet. (3meters).

Lemon sharks don’t mind living in captivity, unlike white sharks which refuse food when you lock them up.

There have been 22 lemon shark attacks in the past 400 some years resulting in no deaths.

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