Japanese Satellite Will Monitor Global Warming – Go-Sat

January 20, 2009 / 1 Comment

global warming satellite Japanese Satellite Will Monitor Global Warming   Go SatJapan’s space agency will send a global warming monitoring satellite into space this week.

The satellite will monitor greenhouse gases and help in the fight against climate change. There’s a chance of success for the first half of the mission; the second half is a non starter.

The satellite will orbit the Earth every two hours and collect new climate data every three days.

The greenhouse satellite is called the Go-Sat and JAXA says it will be able to detect infrared signals absorbed by greenhouse gases.

The satellite also has sensors that can observe carbon dioxide and methane distribution.

The satellite will orbit for five years. First data is expected for scientists by April or May.

The satellite is expected to provide info for UN climate officials who hope to have a new emission treaty by December 2009.