Eneos and Sanyo Envision 1GW Solar Cell Production by 2015

January 26, 2009 / No Comments

Nippon Oil Corp,also know as Eneos and Sanyo Electric Co Ltd have a joint venture – 50:50 to produce amorphous Si thin-film solar cells and marketing power generation systems. Panasonic, which recently bought Sanyo has not put up any money yet.

sanyo solar cells Eneos and Sanyo Envision 1GW Solar Cell Production by 2015

Sanyo will develop manufacturing technologies for thin-film solar cells as well as the production of cells and modules. Eneos will make large-scale power generation systems using the modules. Eneos is also responsible for distribution and sale as well as provide material technologies for gases (eg, hydrogen gas) required in the cell production.

“The establishment of the new company is part of our efforts to become a comprehensive energy provider based on solar cells, fuel cells and rechargeable batteries, which are like the ‘three musketeers of batteries,'” Eneos President Shinji Nishio said.

Sanyo Eneos Solar have a target of 80MW per year sales with an energy conversion efficiency of 10% by 2010. Full-scale mass-production and an annual production of 1GW with conversion efficiency of 12% or higher by 2015. 2GW/year production by 2020.

The power generation systems are expected to be installed mainly in the Middle East.

Sanyo says it can make up for the slow start through superior technology and reliability.

“The solar cell business is a long-term project with its focus on 2020 or even 2050,” he said. “We are not at all concerned about a short-term depression. For manufacturers that have the lead in the thin-film solar cell production (by purchasing the production equipment in whole), the conversion efficiency will probably peak at about 7%.”

“In contrast, we will promote the research and development concurrently with the production and will constantly improve our technologies to achieve an efficiency of 10%, 12% and higher,” he said.

Business is good in the solar energy industry and will be so for a long time to come. Wonder if those report