Cottage In A Day – Rustic, Modern and Eco-friendly

January 27, 2009 / 1 Comment

cottage in a day 1 Cottage In A Day   Rustic, Modern and Eco friendly

Another great example of eco-architecture, Cottage in a day is an energy efficient factory-built home by architect Michael Fitzhugh. Based on 14-square-foot-modules, with structural insulated panels and natural wood finishes, it’s supposed to be the perfect eco-friendly solution for a rustic cottage in a rural landscape.

cottage in a day 2 Cottage In A Day   Rustic, Modern and Eco friendly

With Energy Star windows, bamboo flooring and a price starting from $52,000 (up to $152,400 for a fully functional furnished home), the prefabricated structure is built on a precast concrete foundation that won’t harm the soil, and requires minimal labor and waste on site. Looks like the perfect solution for a stylish weekend in the mountains. What do you guys think? [via Inhabitat]

  • Sarah Bearup-Neal

    Thanks for writing about Cottage in a Day on your blog. We certainly
    appreciate the attention to all of our hard work. In an effort to keep
    the record straight, Cottage in a Day is a business that hired architect
    Michael Fitzhugh “to draw” a previously determined design, arrived at
    through focus groups, design salons, and transportation limitations.
    While Michael is a talented young architect, which is why we selected him
    to be part of the team, he did not design the Cottage in a Day concept.
    Thanks, and please keep watching us.

    Sarah Bearup-Neal
    Cottage in a Day
    Communications Associate