Green Cause: Donating Food to the Needy

February 3, 2009 / No Comments

Wastage of any natural resource is obviously bad, but when it comes to “food” things are even worse.

leftovers or dinner ofthe month Green Cause: Donating Food to the Needy

Leftovers or dinner of the month?

With UN predicting an imminent food crisis in many parts of the world because of the current global financial crunch, it seems only wise that we waste as little as possible. And though at home we try not to do it, when it comes to big hotels, organizations and schools, it could be the difference between hunger and satisfied meals for many.

Small string volunteer organizations across the US are starting an innovative new venture in which restaurants and large corporate houses are being encouraged to donate food that would otherwise go into the bin. Apart from the very obvious ‘green’ reasons that encourage such ventures, this is also a wonderful humanitarian gesture.

While you may not find such organizations flashing ads across the internet or on national television, you sure can go check with your local community, to find out about where you can donate. It’s up to you!

Image courtesy of Rasimu