Noah’s Ark found in Colombia

February 5, 2009 / No Comments

I thought Noah’s Ark was on top of Mt. Ararat in Turkey. I still think it is there, but… And, maybe someone will get to explore there, in my lifetime, I hope.

One of the researchers in Colombia – I wrote about the 10 New Amphibian Species Discovered in Colombia yesterday – said “Without a doubt this region is a true Noah’s Ark.” Meanwhile, others are saying “What Noah’s Ark?” That would be too bad for them.

“The high number of new amphibian species found is a sign of hope, even with the serious threat of extinction that this animal group faces in many other regions of the country and the world,” said the scientific group’s director in a statement.

While turning up the new amphibian species, the expedition also “recorded the presence of large mammals like Baird’s tapir, which is considered endangered in Colombia, four species of monkeys and a population of white-lipped peccary, a pig-like creature.”

tapir Noahs Ark found in Colombia

The landscape where the many creatures were found is facing “threats from selective logging, cattle ranching, hunting, mining and habitat fragmentation.”

The environmental group Conservation International said, “We don’t go in there and try and tell them to protect the forest for frogs. It’s more a case of working with them to find more sustainable long-term solutions that will protect these resources that are ultimately benefiting them.”

Greenpeace! Are you reading this?