Green Commuting: Organik Motion Bike

February 11, 2009 / 1 Comment

Green commuting is something rare in most big cities, as people find it hard to integrate their own personal bicycle ride with the local transportation system. Yet, commuting over short distances on an ultra-cool and ergonomically styled modern bike is something that has plenty of appeal. And that’s what the Organik motion Bike is all about.

organik motion bike 1 Green Commuting: Organik Motion Bike

Aimed at encouraging modern urban commuters to start pedaling for the sake of their own health and that of their planet, the highly sleek and stylish bicycle uses a very simple Z-frame concept along with forcing the rider to get into the perfect aerodynamic position to reduce drag.

Looking more like a machine built for the Olympics rather than just for daily rides across the city, it features a fully integrated braking system, front and rear suspension systems, a shaft drive, and wheels that use a reflective material to keep you safe on a dull and foggy day.

organik motion bike 2 Green Commuting: Organik Motion Bike

The major problem with the bike is the obvious fact that it looks a shade too ‘contemporary’ and hence seems to be aimed purely at the younger audience. Also the fact that the riding position is so athletic, means that this will feel more like a workout rather than a gentle ride.

Either way, this is still a nice little step forward when it comes to promoting green on wheels!

[via Ecofriend]