Why Some Crocodiles are on the Endangered Species List

February 17, 2009 / No Comments

There’s a reason why some species of crocodiles are on the endangered species list or are likely to wind up there before too long. There may be 1.3 billion reasons.

Chefs in China’s Canton region (the South) cook each part of the reptile in various ways with different herbs. In the end the whole dismembered reptile tastes like bits of fish, chicken and pork respectively. Yum!

crocodile dinner Why Some Crocodiles are on the Endangered Species List

Aussies say wild crocs taste like fish while farmed crocs taste like chicken. Perhaps, because the crocodiles are fed chickens when in captivity and feast on fish in the wild.

“Braised crocodile belly tastes like Hong Kong style roast pork—full of flavor, with a thin layer of slightly crunchy skin and layers of lean meat sandwiched between a fine layer of fat.” Anybody hungry?

My favorite crocodile joke – What did the one crocodile say to the other after eating the missionary?

Answer – yum, I love these. They are tender on the outside and crunchy on the inside.