Biofuels Could Be Banned in Muslim Countries

February 25, 2009 / 2 Comments

Although biofuels help fight gobal warming by potentially helping us to respond to the challenges we face, it’s true that there are drawbacks associated with them. Like threatens for food prices to drive up in poor countries or negative effects on soil protection and bio-diversity. However, we’re pretty sure these are not the reasons why Muslims may prohibit use of biofuels.

emirates palace bmw limo fleet Biofuels Could Be Banned in Muslim CountriesImage courtesy of octal

Looking like a pretext for you and me, the Muslim culture forbids alcohol buying, selling, transporting and drinking. And according to Sheikh Mohamed al-Najimi of the Saudi Islamic Jurisprudence Academy, that includes the ethyl alcohol present in ethanol or any alcohol-derived fuels.

Therefore we can only wonder why luxury car makers are considering the green path if the rich oilmen of the desert won’t be able to fill the tank.

Do you think prophet Muhammad would be against biofuels knowing they could help reduce global warming, even by a bit? Would that be a sin? There are always camels … No?